What is the LM P3 category?

Launched in 2015 by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, the LM P3 category is the first level on the endurance and “Le Mans Prototype” pyramid.

The philosophy behind this car is to offer the fewest possible constraints, whether they concern the budget, the technical side, driving or operations.

The LM P3 is a closed car.

The ACO chose six manufacturers to build the chassis and the body: ADESS, Dome, Ginetta, Norma, Onroak Automotive, and Riley. The powertrain is unique to all the models, and it is made up of the Nissan atmospheric V8 engine, with 420 hp and an X-trac gearbox.

Technical specifications – ACO regulations:

Minimum weight of 930 kg
Unique engine (420hp 5l Nissan V8)